The Second Noble Truth, Part 3

Today we finish examining the 2nd Noble Truth by looking at specific kinds of clinging or craving as a means of getting clearer where it is showing up in our own lives.  The 3 main categories are sense carvings (such as food, physical comfort, pleasant thoughts and situations), craving for existence and becoming what you are not (such as being wealthier or more athletic) and craving for non-existence (such as wanting to disappear in a moment of embarrassment).  Often what we crave for can healthy or wholesome when in right balance–such as food is obviously a healthy needed part of life.  But with this practice, we can learn to see when we have shifted into an unwholesome or unskillful relationship, which is the first step towards freedom.

I again draw heavily from Phillip Moffit’s book, Dancing with Life, which I strongly recommend if you want to dive deeper into these teachings.