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Sitting Meditation- Contemplation Taking Us to Love

This practice explores how noting helps us get more clear as to what’s really here. What one takes in by contemplation, one pours out in love. –Meister Eckhart   The Way It Is, Lynn Ungar One morning you might wake up to realize that the knot in your stomach had loosened itself and slipped away, … Continue reading Sitting Meditation- Contemplation Taking Us to Love

Thank You. I Am Grateful For Everything

Once there was a wise old sage, and people would travel a long ways to receive his teachings. He always taught one thing, a mantra to say to everything in life: Thank you, I am grateful for everything. One time a man received this teaching and said it with everything for a year. At the … Continue reading Thank You. I Am Grateful For Everything

The Safe Harbor of Moment to Moment Awareness [5.22.24]

Today we continue to look at how re-anchoring in moment to moment awareness is a powerful practice in finding a better way to navigate any day.  This talk draws from Tara Brach’s practice of Four Remembrances:  Pausing, Yes to Life, Turning toward love, and Resting in Awareness.

Sitting Meditation- Four Remembrances [5.22.24]

This meditation draws from Tara Brach, teaching on four remembrances for practice: Pausing, saying yes to life, turning towards love, resting in awareness. What It Is It is nonsense says reason It is what it is says love It is calamity says calculation It is nothing but pain says fear It is hopeless says insight … Continue reading Sitting Meditation- Four Remembrances [5.22.24]

Seven Mantras of Love Part 2 [5.8.24]

We were grateful this week to have David Viafora and Jessie Raye from Greatwoods Zen Retreat Center guest lead again this week. Unfortunately we were not able to record their first visit, but this week’s sharing works fine as a stand alone. They shared from Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching called the Seven Mantras of Love. … Continue reading Seven Mantras of Love Part 2 [5.8.24]