Deep Imprinting of Softening

One framing of mindfulness that I have always appreciated is mindfulness as a spiritual re-parenting of our own selves.  Drawing from a talk on parenting by Chris McKenna at Google, we explore how a foundational base for parenting is as important as a foundational base in our relationship with our own being.

Sitting Meditation– Internal Wise Speech

Wise Speech is a practice that supports all of our relationships.  We strengthen the foundation for this practice in our meditation by paying attention to our internal speech patterns going on all the time and noticing the possibility of bringing a compassionate wise response and care to this internal talk– instead of just buying into … Continue reading Sitting Meditation– Internal Wise Speech

Wise Samadhi

Samadhi practice, sometimes translated as concentration practice, has been described as a gathering or unifying of the mind.  When cultivated, this kind of practice can bring a deep settling to the mind that is useful in all aspects of life.