Monthly Archives: January 2021

Sitting Meditation- Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Body

From guest leader Colleen Faltus: In this week’s meditation we explore the wisdom of the body. As Valerie Kaur says, “One of the most vigilant spiritual practices is finding the seconds of solitude to get quiet enough to hear the wise person inside us.” Quieting our inner and outer worlds provides the much needed peace … Continue reading Sitting Meditation- Tapping Into the Wisdom of the Body

The First Noble Truth

Today we start our exploration of the Four Noble Truths with the first one– in life, there is suffering.  While seemingly simple and straightforward on the surface, learning to reckon with this truth has a radical potential for transforming how we meet life in all of its complexities and realities.

Story of the Buddha

In our continued exploration of Buddhist psychology, today we explore the myth story of the Buddha’s life and how it relates directly to understanding our own personal causes of suffering and the path to our healing.1-13-21