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Seven Mantras of Love Part 2 [5.8.24]

We were grateful this week to have David Viafora and Jessie Raye from Greatwoods Zen Retreat Center guest lead again this week. Unfortunately we were not able to record their first visit, but this week’s sharing works fine as a stand alone. They shared from Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching called the Seven Mantras of Love. … Continue reading Seven Mantras of Love Part 2 [5.8.24]

Meeting Place of Mindfulness and Prayer [1.24.24]

We continue our exploration“connection with spirit,” which Polyvagal Theory names of as one of the 4 foundational connections needed for human well-being.  Today we look at this through the lens of prayer.  Where might these words, prayer, devotion, sacred get hung up for you?  Where might they be useful in pointing to an aspect of … Continue reading Meeting Place of Mindfulness and Prayer [1.24.24]

Mid-day Meditation – Gardening Practice

Join me for a short sharing and meditation from Thich Nhat Hanh’s book, True Love: We have to learn the art of transforming compost and flowers. Look at the flower: it is beautiful, it is fragrant, it is pure; but if you look deeply you can already see the compost in the flower. With meditation, … Continue reading Mid-day Meditation – Gardening Practice